Top Edu – on the Path for Technology

Top-Edu, a leading company in technological training, operating based on a customer-focused strategy.

Providing a complete range of computing solutions under one roof.

Top Edu – for the Technology

Top-Edu, a leading company in technological training, operating based on a customer-focused strategy.

Providing a complete range of computing solutions under one roof.

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פריסה ארצית ומעל 100 מדריכים מנוסים

Nationwide Distribution and Over 150 Experienced Instructors

Top-Edu employs over 150 experienced instructors from different backgrounds in courses throughout the country. In this way, the company provides the best suitable learning environment and language of instruction for every client.

ניסיון מעשי מגוון במאות פרויקטים מוצלחים

Diverse Practical Experience in Hundreds of Successful Projects

Top-Edu works in cooperation with many enterprise organizations in Israel and around the world, banks, municipalities and local authorities, non-profit associations and academic institutions. Top-Edu has accumulated many loyal and satisfied customers over the years.

פתרונות למידה טכנולוגיים חדשניים ומתקדמים

Advanced and Innovative Technological Learning Solutions

E-learning, practical learning, frontal learning, simulations and practical implication in high-tech companies- are just a few of the learning methods that make the process more experiential and significant.

סל פתרונות מחשוב מלא תחת קורת גג אחת

A Complete Range of Computing Solutions under One Roof

Top-Edu consults, accompanies and implements computerization processes in organizations. We provide full professional assistance for a wide range of technological issues, from system implementation and computer infrastructure to professional placement.

Technological Training for Businesses

Top-Edu specializes in training in IBM technologies in general and in COBOL courses in particular. The courses were developed by the top experts in Israel and are taught in a way that is customer-oriented and tailored to the customer’s needs.

הדרכה טכנולוגית לעסקים

הדרכה טכנולוגית לעסקים

טופ-אדיו מתמחה בהדרכות בטכנולוגיות IBM בכלל ובקורסי COBOL בפרט. הקורסים פותחו על ידי מיטב המומחים בארץ ונלמדים באופן ממוקד ומותאם לצרכי הלקוח. טופ-אדיו מציעה מגוון קורסי הסבה ומסלולי הכשרה שונים לתוכניתנים מנוסים בבנקים, חברות ביטוח וארגונים נוספים.

Our Business Partners

Certiport Logo

Top-Edu serves as an international certification center in cooperation with CERTIPORT.

לוגו מיקרוסופט

Top-Edu is a Microsoft partner, training and authorizing for different Microsoft technologies.

IBM Logo

Top-Edu specializes in IBM technology training.

systematics logo

Top-Edu offers courses, print orders and 3D printers in collaboration with Systematics.

Establishment of Community Labs in the Cellular and 3D Printing Fields

Top-Edu initiated a nationwide community project for our course graduates (outstanding youth, at-risk youth and special populations). The goal of this project is to accumulate technological practical experience and to penetrate into the labor market. Throughout the project, graduates of Top-Edu’s professional courses gain experience in building a small business and providing courteous service to the community.

הקמת מעבדות קהילתיות לנוער

הקמת מעבדות סלולר קהילתיות

טופ-אדיו יזמה פרויקט קהילתי לבוגרי הקורסים שלנו בפריסה ארצית (נוער מצטיין, נוער בסיכון ואוכלוסיות מיוחדות) שמטרתו צבירת ניסיון טכנולוגי מעשי וחדירה לשוק התעסוקה. במהלך הפרויקט, בוגרי קורסים מקצועיים של טופ-אדיו מתנסים בהקמת עסק זעיר ובמתן שירות אדיב לקהילה.

Education through the Minecraft Game

Top-Edu sees Minecraft as a rich and significant educational tool and is interested in using it as part of the learning processes in youth courses. Through the game, it is possible to learn programming (code writing) and graphics and to integrate different study subjects as tasks within the game. This makes it possible to teach also History, Electrics and Physics, Science, Mathematics and more. The goal of integrating Minecraft into education is to develop a different learning method than that of the “traditional classroom”, creating curiosity, interest and challenge among students, which will lead to learning that is more significant.

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