Product Design and 3D Printing Courses

From product development and design to printing them in the classroom

3D printing is a modeling and manufacturing technology that has been gaining momentum in recent years and enables the production of physical products in a short amount of time. The products are based on a computerized design of an object on the CAD software and are inspired by the designer’s original ideas. 3D printing is usually based on a method of adding thin layers of material for the creation of a three-dimensional object. The coveted field is now open to youth and is taught in population-oriented, innovative and practical courses developed by Top-Edu in collaboration with experts in the field. The uniqueness of Top-Edu’s courses is the ability to receive immediate professional feedback on learning, and this is the product obtained from the machine. Graduates of these courses are certified by Systematics, which represents leading 3D companies in Israel:  MakerBot | Stratasys, MarkForged, Formlabs and Sindoh

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3D Design and Printing- CAD Certification

Age range: 9th-12th grade

Number of study hours: 80

General information about the course: The certification program is built of 3D objects design using SolidWorks software and 3D printing using various printing methods, which will be passed simultaneously throughout the training period. The following subjects will be taught: building the correct elements, the three-dimensional structure, the three-dimensional axis system, designing the products and printing them in class and more. At the end of the course, an external certification exam will be held at Systematics. Those who successfully pass will receive an official certification from SolidWorks Systematics, Top-Edu and an expert from the 3D field.


3D Design and Printing- Advanced 3DP

Age range: 9th-12th grade

Number of study hours: 80

General information about the course: In this course, the students will receive a broad background of the 3D printing world beyond its commercial use. The students will learn about various material’s strengths and their actual use, deepen their knowledge of industrial printers, get familiar with advanced printing options, will learn the construct of the printer in depth and will even enjoy experiential, interesting visits to the 3D industry and development market.

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