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Technology, Innovation and a Learning Experience

Top-Edu’s vision, as reflected in the services that it provides to its clients, is to instill values of excellence, use of technology, innovation and learning experience through targeted training and personal guidance from beginning to end.

Top-Edu specializes in technological, innovative and diverse learning solutions and provides learning and certification services that are tailored to the client in various technologies.

  • Microsoft certifications

  • Cisco certifications

  • IBM technologies courses and training

  • Courses in the cellular fields

  • Media and 3D courses

  • Teaching technological subjects and part of ICT departments in high schools.

  • Office courses

Top-Edu works in cooperation with government bodies such as the Ministry of Education and the IDF in significant technological projects in order to train the future generation of technology in Israel.

Top-Edu operates nationwide in cooperation with local authorities and guides the course graduates through their integration in industry and high-tech sectors, as well as providing profession conversions for senior programmers in order to reintegrate them into a dynamic and developing field.

Top-Edu operates as a part of external studies of various colleges throughout the country and guides hundreds of students in yearlong, two-year and three-year programs.

Top-Edu’s team of instructors includes over 150 senior instructors in various technological fields, with a specialization in guiding the specific population that they train.

Top-Edu makes advanced technology available for at-risk populations and socio-economic distressed areas. The company offers challenging practical courses that represent progress, innovation and professionalism with a prestigious image that adds to the student’s status and self-confidence.

Top-Edu provides its customers with a high quality team of professional managers who have practical experience, knowledge and proven capabilities in hundreds of technological training projects.

Meet Our Team of Experts:

יואב ברוך מנכ"ל טופ-אדיו

Yoav Baruch


Served as an education officer in the IDF. As part of his position, he commanded the “Havaya” course (meaning “education and knowledge of Israel”) and specialized in training “makam” soldiers (meaning  “center for advancing special populations”). He holds a B.A and M.A degree from the Hebrew University.

As the VP of Ness Technologies, he established and managed the company’s training division.

Served as a member of the management and manager of the consultant and training division of One1 Company.

After around twenty years of experience in the world of technological training and information systems, Yoav established Top-Edu.

יפעת בכר צוות טופ-אדיו

Yifat Bachar-Marsh


An active partner in the establishing team of Top-Edu and currently serves as VP of Finance and Control. Expert in payroll and financial control. She has twenty years of experience in the fields of operations, finance and project management. She coordinated the human resource and customer relations management fields at Top-Edu.
Over the years, she served as a CFO and Director of Operations in the training departments of Ness Technologies and One1.

יואל לוי צוות טופ-אדיו

Yoel Levi

Pedagogical Director of Education

Holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Education and worked in the education system for around 30 years in national supervision and management positions.
Specialized in work with new immigrants and teaching methods development.
Former Director of Secondary Education in the Ministry of Education’s “Shachar” Division.

טל כושר צוות טופ-אדיו

Tal Kosher

Director of the Youth Certifications Unit

Holds a Computer Science Degree from HIT College and has extensive experience in the fields of training, marketing and operations. Joined Top-Edu as a software field’s instructor and in recent years manages several development and new technologies projects.

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