Courses in Software and Application Development

Courses for children in different code language, programming, web and game development


Age range: 7th-9th grade

Number of study hours: 80-120

General information about the course: The WiseKid program was developed and written a few years ago in order to provide a solution to needs and problems raised by computer science and software engineering teachers at schools and high schools. The program is yearlong (100 hours) or two years long (200 hours) according to the student’s and the school’s needs and wants. At the end of the course, the students receive a WiseKid diploma as part of Microsoft’s Partners in Learning program. The program exposes the students to the secrets of the world of computer science and programming and challenges them through experiential tasks from their own world of content. The student will be required to plan, execute and implement programming projects.


Age range: 7th-9th grade

Number of study hours: 40

General information about the course: The Kodo software was developed by Microsoft’s innovation labs in the United States as a game tool to encourage children to learn programming cooperatively. The software presents an icon-based graphical interface and the ability to switch from a graphical display to a code display, thus teaching how the software operates “behind-the-scenes” of the game.

Top-Edu offers this course as enrichment for students in the 7th-9th grade as part of the Microsoft Partners in Learning Program, and at the end of the program students receive a Microsoft certificate for this training.

Applications Development for ADROID

Age range: 9th-12th grade

Number of study hours: 100-250

General information about the course: This course focuses on providing tools and development skills using the Java programming language and covers the most advances topics in the application industry today. The course is built in a way that enables the participating students to start making money by putting apps they develop up for sale in the Android Market. In the first part of the course, the basics of Java are taught while practicing through basic android application development. In the second part, the basics of android development are taught.

Microsoft Application Development

Age range: 8th-12th grade

Number of study hours: 100-250 (The difficulty level and depth of the course is determined according to students’ age group)

General information about the course: The students will learn how to develop applications, market and upload them to the Windows store while using software intelligently, exploring various functions and more. This course prepares the students for Microsoft’s most recent certification exam, Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer- replacing the MCSD certification.

At the end of the course, the graduates will be able to develop and distribute applications for WP 8 based mobiles.

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