Courses in the Cellular Field

Courses with technical and practical emphasis directed at employment in the field of cellular phone repair

Cellular Phone Repair Course Level A-B

Age range: 8th-12th grade

Number of study hours: 80

General information about the course:  This Practical course provides knowledge and tools for advanced cellular phones repair.

Throughout the course, the participants learn in depth about the world of the cellular network, the communication infrastructure of the cellular field, the various device parts, dismantling and assembling old and new devices, software installation and fault repair while focusing on the leading devices in the market such as iPhone, Galaxy and more. As part of the course, each student receives a personal kit for dismantling and assembling devices. The course provides many tools in the customer service field including visits to the industry’s leading labs.

The course includes a mid-term and final exams that include a theoretical part and a practical part, and at the end, the students receive a cellular technician level A-B certificate. The fascinating practical content encourages the students to remain in the educational framework and has succeeded in over 300 schools. The course also opens a broad employment horizon and creates a direct link between academic success and success in the employment market.

Cellular Phone Repair Course Level C-D

Age range: 9th-12th grade

Number of study hours: 80

General information about the course: This is a continuation course based on the knowledge acquired in the level A-B course. On level C-D, we will also learn to handle the cellular devices’ software and not only their exteriors.

On the subject of soldering, an introduction to soldering and soldering practice, equipment and tools, soldering various sized components, soldering repairs, repairs for disabled devices, motherboard components recognition, electronic sketches, types of device constructions and burning software are taught. At the completion of the course, students are ready for real work in a cellular phone repair lab at a C-D level.

Integrated PC+ Cellular Program (including certification)

Age range: 9th-12th grade

Number of study hours: 160

General information about the course: In the PC field, the following subjects are taught: introduction to hardware and PC, various operating systems, MCTS certification and communication networks. In the cellular field, the students learn and practice fault detection, dismantling and assembling, component recognition and testing in various cellular models.

The practical malfunction repair is preformed after learning the electronic field knowledge in depth- studying electronics and the electrical circuits. The course familiarizes the students with the cellular network structure and basic malfunction solutions such as replacing a screen, audio components and more.

In the advanced levels, the following subjects are taught: burning with or without burn boxes, cellular operating systems, technicians’ codes, software repair, language installation, hacks, repairs for disabled devices, work secrets and special professional tips. In addition to the technical studies, the students receive important management tools as preparation for being hired or self-employed professionals: the computer as a technician’s help tool, behavior towards private clients, private labs marketing and management in cellular companies.

Graduates of the integrated training are entitled to a Microsoft MCTS certificate.

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