Courses in the Field of Software Testing

Professional Software Testers (QA) Program for Immediate Integration into the Employment Market.

Certification program for QA software testers with mobile specialization- includes international ISTQB certification on Foundation Level standards.

The certification program is built of methodological learning that covers different types of tests, classic testing methodologies and test planning, writing and executing the tests and to the stage of reporting the results and analyzing the quality of the tested software.

Throughout the program, students will gain proficiency in the mobile testing field. They will learn unique application testing techniques and will practice in a real testing project.

Among the subjects that are studied: testing methodologies, High-Tech terms and concepts with emphasis on software testing, databases and the use of li language, STP/STD/STR li testing documents, communication networks and information security- the connection between them and testing, a practical testing project and extensive preparation for the ISTQB international certification exam.

What are Software Tests?

Over the past few years, the software-testing field has become more and more common and requires preparation of skilled and professional testers.
In an age when our lives revolve around software in every aspect, and mobile applications are an integral part of every person’s activity, it is important that companies and entrepreneurs ensure that the software they offer meets high quality standards. The role of software testers is to indicate possible problems or malfunctions in a new software prior to its release to the market and to its clientele.

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