Courses for At-Risk Youth and Special Populations

“All a child needs in one adult to believe in him” (Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach)

Top-Edu developed a methodology and training courses specifically suited for at-risk youth

The team that specializes in this field’s guideline is to utilize the inherent abilities of this population, while emphasizing a process of success and coping based on maintaining and creating a positive learning experience for the youth.

The study units are built in a circular thematic order by importance of each subject (rational), technical learning and assimilating the knowledge among students.

A major emphasis in the technological training processes of at-risk youth is the combination between the theory and the practice in relation to each study unit separately. Therefore, in a large part of the technological training courses  visits to high-tech companies and to cellular labs are included, in order to create stimulus and “goal reaching” motivation for the students.

This growing experience in the technological field directly leads to an improvement in the student’s self-confidence alongside an understanding that creating a technological advantage leads to strengthening of one’s social status and self-belief.

The Top-Edu team, which deals with technological training of at-risk youth (at the various levels), sees these training programs as an ethical mission of great value.

In this field are Top-Edu’s most professional and experienced instructors. The specific specialization includes targeted and methodological training for this unique type of instruction, in addition to the technological knowledge.

How Do We Do It?

  • Training courses in technological fields that are needed in the labor market.

  • Experienced instructors that specialize in working with special populations and at-risk youth.

  • Personal and professional support throughout the whole training process without giving up on any student.

  • Theoretical learning alongside practical practice.

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