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Microsoft Networks Employment- Oriented Courses and Certifications with a Technical and Practical Emphasis

Top-Edu is Microsoft’s partner in Israel and accompanies many businesses and schools while training in various courses such as office, computer systems operator, network administrator and even prepares students for certification exams at Microsoft’s prometric centers with the help of experienced mct certified instructors.

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MCSA תג הסמכה לדוגמהMCSA R2

Age range: 9th-12th grade

Number of study hours: 160

General information about the course: The main advantage of this course is the preparation for the external MCSA certification and the possibility of receiving an international certification certificate. The course covers installment and configuration of Windows Server 2012, managing Windows Server 2012 and configuring advanced Windows Server 2012 services.

The contents and the goals assist in preventing school dropouts and provide motivation to complete the content and receive a full matriculation. They also help to create an experience of success among the students and from there to create a climate that invites future success.

MTA תג הסמכה לדוגמהMTA CLOUD

Age range: 9th-12th grade

Number of study hours: 80

General information about the course: The learning program trains students to be Microsoft’s cloud support providers. The course focuses on getting to know basic terms, which enable integration in the industry as technical support providers in organizations. This field is among the most sought after fields in the industry today, and serves as a base for MCSA OFFICE 365 certification. Among the topics studied: the cloud business goal, planning and preparing for office 365 deployment, Active directors Federation Service, and Directory synchronization.

MCSA תג הסמכה לדוגמהMCSA OFFICE 365

Age range: 9th-12th grade

Number of study hours: 80

General information about the course: familiarization with Office 365, setting up organizations and deploying various cloud services, managing the different identities on the cloud, displaying the cloud mail service, planning and deploying the mail service under established infrastructures, familiarization with additional cloud services such as skype, SharePoint and OneNote, identity management and implementation using Azure AD Connect, implementation of unified identities  and management for a single SSO log-in, office 365 support and troubleshooting. In addition, students will learn in depth popular tools such as word, PowerPoint, excel and more.

MTA תג הסמכה לדוגמהMTA – Mobility and Devices Fundamentals

Age range: 9th-12th grade

Number of study hours: 80

General information about the course: The course serves as a base for MCSA certification and teaches, among the rest, understanding of the hardware configuration in terms of the hardware, accounts, drives, control panel, various encryption drives and more of the system’s options. In the second part, the course deals with approaching and managing the business data including familiarization with Office 365 tools, encryption drives, storage servers and various printing and sharing tools. In the third stage of the course, there is a deeper understanding of the device security field that includes uses of private and public networks, various verifications, viruses and smart cards. In addition, students come to understand about organizational mobility, Windows Server Active Directory and Azure Active Directory, Microsoft account and federation services, business data access, desktop virtualization and more.

MTA תג הסמכה לדוגמה

MTA Certification

Age range: 9th-12th grade

Number of study hours: 80

General information about the course: In the first part of the course the network basics are taught- an official MTA Microsoft course.

In the second part of the course, the cloud fundamentals are taught- official MTA Microsoft.

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