Information Systems Development and Implementation in Organizations

Characterization, infrastructure construction, development and implementation of information systems in organizations

Top-Edu- Accompanying and Training Information Systems Implementation in the Organization

A new information system presents the organization with a range of opportunities alongside risks. The implementation process of a new system in an organization requires extensive knowledge, planning capabilities and a broad organizational understanding.

A new system sometimes requires the organization and its employees to make a change in part of its procedures, habits and norms, and to adapt themselves to the new requirements.

Most managers and employees usually cooperate with this process. However, there are those who feel a sense of uncertainty, anxiety and even threat from the change and oppose it.

We, at Top-Edu have extensive experience in this field, we recognize the need for a systematic work plan that balances between the organizational and the learner’s needs.

Integrating these Next Components in the Suitable Dosage for the Organization

  • Analyzing different user’s activities

  • Preparing training materials (course catalog/lesson plans/practice/checklists and more)

  • Frontal training (personal or group according to needs)

  • Implementation in user’s workspace

  • Support from the organization’s applicative support center

  • Integration of online help tools (digital user guide/tutorials/EPSS tools)

  • Measurement and control tools

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