Tzamarot Project

Designating women to positions in the Air Force electronic field- in cooperation with Microsoft

לוגו מיקרוסופט
לוגו חיל האוויר

“Tzamarot” Project in cooperation with Microsoft

The Air Force, in cooperation with Microsoft Israel, have joined forces and invite you to apply for a unique course that has been adjusted according to Air Force service characteristics. The course serves as a springboard to a challenging and meaningful military service in the IDF’s advanced technological divisions. The studies include the basics of electronics and a Microsoft program and enable all candidates to find a suitable professional route and to specialize in one of these content worlds as part of their military service.

Program Advantages

  • Professional electrics and electronics training in your area of residence.

  • A goal-oriented and clear recruitment process.

  • IDF recruitment as a “professional graduate”

  • Guaranteed integration into an advanced technological division

  • Challenging and interesting military service

  • Integration into the high-tech world in selected positions

  • Receiving training and experience throughout the service.

Conduct of the Project:

The course is held in over 15 groups nationwide for 12th grade students. The course begins in September, with the start of the schoolyear and takes place once a week, three hours in the evening (usually 17:30-20:30) for five months in a way that doesn’t “fall” on the matriculation period in the summer (until the end of January). The day the course takes place is determined in every city according to the girl’s study schedule and to their after-school extracurricular activities. Participation in the course requires a fee.

Course Graduates Recommend

Tal Kosher, the project manager, was by my side every step of the way and in the end that is what helped me to succeed in my studies. They gave me the drive to invest in my studies and in the yearlong course. I had doubts about the course because I had never touched or known the profession. I don’t know if I will succeed or not but in the end my amazing lecturer, Liza, gave me hope that I will succeed and helped me believe I can do anything I put my mind to.

Shirel Elias, 4th Cycle

The fact that I chose to work in this project’s recruitment, after I did it myself and served as a commander and an instructor in the Air Force, proves to me time and time again that it really was the right thing for me.

Liza Toubiana, 1st Cycle

Among the Relevant Courses for “Tzamarot” Project Graduates:

Electronic Warfare Technician

Working with the most advanced systems in the world that help detect and disrupt ground or air threats to aircrafts.

The work is with electronic warfare systems:

  1. Self-defense electronic warfare
  2. Counter-warfare
  3. Electronic warfare alert
  4. “Ra’am” (Thunder) warfare
  5. Mutual protection electronic warfare

“Iron Dome” Technician

The position includes service in a groundbreaking technological division dedicated to protecting the Israel’s skies. The division is considered one of the most advanced in the world in its field and integrates new groundbreaking systems of great operational importance. The training takes place in the “Techni” school in Haifa at levels B/D and the graduates will be placed in the Air force’s air defense bases: Palmachim, Wing 167, Wing 168, Tel Nof, and School of Air Defense. The division’s professions: Computer Hawk radar, Hawk shooting control, Patriot, Iron Dome launch technician, Iron Dome radar technician, Iron Dome command and control technician and “Chetz” (Arrow) technician.

Computer Technician

The computer division controls all of the existing communication systems in the IDF. The service as a network administrator is unique, enriching and challenging and includes use of advanced and extensive technology.

The course takes place in the “Techni” school in Haifa and part of the training process takes place in the civil industry, at levels B/D.

The computer technician will later receive specific training for her position: System technician, “Avnet Kachol” Technician, and computer network technician.

Air Force Intelligence Technician

A division that is dedicated to detecting aircrafts prior to their entrance to Israel’s airspace. The division’s soldiers serve in various control units and in the rest of the Air Force bases. The division is considered highly sensitive and highly important to national security. After completing the training in the “Techni” School in Haifa, the service will take place in one of the control units or in one of the Air Force bases throughout the country. The division’s professions:

  • Air intelligence

  • Aerial image

  • “Kasif Naor”
  • Rear guard

Electro-optics Technician

Working with modern systems (such as night vision equipment and aerial cameras) that broadcast in real time. The position includes receiving aerial images in all weather and vision conditions. The division’s professions:

  • Electro-optics Technician
  • Night vision kits

Avionics Technician

Being involved with advanced systems in the communication field, electronic warfare and the shooting control of aircrafts. Working with highly classified technology and with the most advanced systems in the world.

The avionics systems are the aircrafts’ “brain”, providing the technician with extensive experience with various systems that operate in synchronization.

Avionics’ positions are in the Falcon, Sikorsky CH 53 helicopter, and Cobra/Resin/Bat, Storm, Hawk and Lightning aircrafts, and heavy or light transport aircrafts- the service is mainly in the flight squadrons.

The Professional Manager’s Vision

Over the past few years, we have witnessed tremendous technological progress in almost every field. For years, the Air Force, the defense industry and Microsoft Israel have been at the forefront of the technology, research and development. This significant advantage is made possible thanks to the incredible human resources we have in the country. Microsoft Israel would like to open the door for you, Tzamarot project trainees, to the technological world and to pave your way to the Air Force’s challenging technological positions.

The program combines electric and electronic studies with theoretical and practical practice. In this course, you will learn the basics of the digital world and digital electronics, about the latest innovations, electronic components, microcontrollers, electricity laws and principals of standard electronics.
Throughout the course, you will work on different projects in order to be able not only to study electronics but also to engage in electronics in a practical manner. Our goal is to provide you with practical technological knowledge in order to ensure your successful integration into the Air Forces technical division! We will also make sure to summarize each subject and to test you on it to make sure you understand and of course- not to leave any unanswered questions.
Even if you have no background in electricity and electronics, you have a place in this program! Most of the students are exactly like you, they arrive with no background and our experienced instructors make sure everything falls into line, help anyone with difficulties and guide you all the way to success.

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