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What is the meaning of Minecraft? Mine- to dig, to mine. Craft- to build, to design. Minecraft is a network-based game that Microsoft acquired a few years ago and is successful all around the world and now in Israel as well. As Microsoft’s partner in education, Top-Edu sees Minecraft as a rich and significant educational tool and is interested in using it as part of the learning processes in youth courses.

Through the game, it is possible to learn programming (code writing) and graphics and to integrate different study subjects as tasks within the game. This makes it possible to teach also History, Electrics and Physics, Science, Mathematics and more. The goal of integrating Minecraft into education is to develop a different learning method than that of the “traditional classroom”, creating curiosity, interest and challenge among students, which will lead to learning that is more significant.

What Do We Offer?

  • Designated Minecraft environment setup and accompaniment

  • Educational Minecraft servers operation and maintenance

  • Lesson plan templates

  • Teacher and student training

The integration of Minecraft into education has several significant advantages:

  • Minecraft is the students’ choice as one of the most popular games

  • It enables each player to plan, create and learn in a unique world that he has created

  • The students go through a learning process, memory improvement and technological skills development- without even feeling that they are learning, but playing.

  • The study material is accessible to students in a creative, original manner and is tailored to the profession’s demands.

  • The form of the game can be personal/individual, group, class and even community (read more in the article about the Minecraft project in Petach Tikvah)

  • The creation of a world by the student is three-dimensional and enables very high quality illustration.

  • The form of the game can be a treasure hunt, trivia, arts and crafts, memory or thinking puzzles and more.

  • Full control for the teacher: the students are in a limited educational space with a clear goal. The degree of the teacher’s control and the student’s independence is subject to the game’s guideline.

Top-Edu’s Education News in the Minecraft Field

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יום שלישי, אפריל 16, 2019|סגור לתגובות על The First Educational Passover Themed Minecraft Game

Your students can now learn about Passover and the Ten Plagues with a lesson in Minecraft (for free!)

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יום ראשון, אוגוסט 5, 2018|סגור לתגובות על Learning the Book of Esther in an Experiential and Innovative Way

Over the next few days, Top-Edu will distribute a special Minecraft based lesson among various educational institutions on the topic of the Book of Esther and Purim- for further details click here.

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