Your students can now learn about Passover and the Ten Plagues with a lesson in Minecraft (for free!)

This year, students in Israel and in the Jewish diaspora can enjoy a tangible and experience-filled game of Minecraft which includes exercises and riddles about the holiday. This game is appropriate for elementary students (1st – 6th grade) and takes about an hour to play.
The main character in the game is Moses, and his job is to lead the Jewish people (Bnei Israel) out of Egypt and into the Land of Canaan using the ten plagues imposed upon Pharaoh. The problems which are dealt with inside the game world are perceived as tangible- in other words, the player experiences the impact of the plagues on his/her surroundings, and must deal with the plagues while answering questions and riddles about the holiday and it’s traditions

טופ-אדיו גיימז לוגו

The game will be publish in few days and will be available in site.

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