At a festive launch ceremony- a cellular lab, managed and guided by Top-Edu, has officially opened

One of the most successful labs that has been set up as part of Top-Edu’s activity in the cellular field is the school lab in “Ort” Beit Ha’arava. The lab is managed by Top-Edu’s professional and technological guidance, and the technicians dedicated to repairing devices are cellular repair course graduates levels A-D, who have undergone special training at the school.
The service provided in the lab includes repairs such as screen replacement, sticking screen protectors, backups and restorations, formatting and soldering repairs, purchasing accompanying accessories and frontal training for device use. The service is provided for all types of devices.
The lab was established during the 2017-2018 school year and went into full action immediately after the Passover vacation.
Last week, the lab was officially opened at a ceremony that was held in the school in the presence of the CEO and VP of Top-Edu, representatives of Ort’s management and the school principal.

תהילה ותלמיד מאורט ערבה
מנכ"ל טופ-אדיו יואב ברוך באורט בית הערבה
טקס סיום באורט בית הערבה

Tehila Elmaliach, Lab field Director at Top-Edu, says that this is an impressive achievement that was made possible due to full cooperation with the educational bodies at the school, and that the lab’s activity creates motivation and curiosity also among other students in the school.

The lab is open to the public on Mondays and Thursdays between 08:30-13:30 at Beit Ha’arava 11, Jerusalem.

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Telephone: 050-8387707, 02-5374682